About Us

The story of Frankie's Old World Biscotti begins in the hills of Calabria in 1592, with a sacred family recipe. Biscotti were part of a local wedding custom, and made with only the freshest black anisette, sun roasted almonds, stone ground flour, and other homegrown flavors. Priests blessed the dough before baking in a brick oven, a process that took three days. The result was biscotti softer in texture, and unlike those made commercially today. We are so happy to carry on our family's tradition and present our biscotti to you - they are made with love, heart, and the soul of Old Calabria.

In addition to the original biscotti, our bakery has grown, and we now produce and sell to the public a vast variety of cookies, pastries, cakes, and breads.  In addition, we have a full lunch menu, inspired by Frankie’s Calabrese Nonna, and we offer dinner and professional entertainment on Thursday nights and most weekends.  Join us for Open Mic on Thursday nights, Frankie's Cabaret Shows on Friday Nights, and Diamond Nights Jazz Shows on Saturday nights.

Please see our calendar for upcoming events.

It is truly a pleasure to offer the community a place to enjoy wonderful baked goods, Italian cuisine and the finest entertainment. Please join us here at the happiest place in the valley.   

Frankie and Luca